By March 28, 2016

2017 Acura NSX Lives up to its Legendary Name

Acura started development of a front-engined NSX powered by a V10 engine in the mid-2000s, but the recession cancelled that plan by the end of 2008. Once the economic outlook improved Acura teased us with a new NSX concept in 2012, but we were forced to wait once again when they decided the car’s naturally-aspirated V6 wasn’t supercar worthy.

Much has changed over the last few years in the world of NSX. Like the original, the 2017 NSX is a two-door coupe with seating for two. The latest version of the NSX also has a V6 engine in the middle, but that’s where the similarities stop.

Whereas the original used a naturally-aspirated V6 — much like the NSX concept from 2012 — the newest version of Acura’s supercar relies on a 3.5L V6 aided by a pair of turbochargers. Although Acura currently offers a 3.5L V6 under the hood of some of its other vehicles, the 75-degree 3.5L V6 in the NSX is a ground up design that is bespoke to the nameplate.

Although it was designed with performance in mind, the NSX isn’t short on aesthetics. The front end shares a clear resemblance to the rest of the Acura lineup, including the first application of the jeweled headlight treatment. Its overall sleek, angular, and aggressive design will be used as an archetype for future Acura models.

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