By November 27, 2015

The new 2016 Acura RDX is ahead of its predecessor

acura, 2016, suvOne of the hardest jobs for a designer is trying to improve something that is an already successful concept.  The process of finding what would be important to keep the good streak going, while aiming for improvement, may take years for some, but Acura didn’t waste any time and, after some hard work, they came up with a worthy successor to their second best seller.

2016 is not just good it looks and feels better

When Acura released it, the 2015 RDX set the bar really high for its market, offering a package of style, power, and performance for a crossover SUV. While the 2014 model was a good starting point, the level of improvements set by the following year’s model was considerable and made it not only a success, but also a powerful contender in its market.

Bearing this in mind, the designers made their best effort to continue the good roll of the model without spoiling any previous achievements, and by the looks and reviews of the car, their objectives were obtained.

Its V6 engine received some tweaking at the drawing table and now boasts more horsepower (279) and torque (252 pound). In the fuel economy department, progress was made, but it’s still far from being the top performer in this aspect.

Complementing the improvements under the hood, the aesthetic of the RDX continues to get better. Front and back lights are multi LED Headlight Clusters that enhance not only the looks of the vehicle, but also the visibility of the driver and its overall road awareness.  Also, some of the lines of the original car design have been smoothed to produce a more appealing and attractive look.

Improving a good thing

With the minor details that were retouched for the new edition, the RDX looks to continue to be the flag bearer for a new market of SUV’s delivering stellar performance, power, and style, but that aren’t going to make you break the bank.

This new edition is sensibly priced, as its predecessor, and this may be one of the automobiles that continue to impact the segment worldwide, making it attainable for many people.

One thing remains clear, if you’re looking for an SUV that offers everything that you may need, while providing features that are commonly seen in more expensive options, look no further than the 2016 RDX, a new way to see the SUV.




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